• ​Engineering & project solutions
    ​for the Canadian and US 

    Oil & Gas and Power Industries

    Our teams consists of talented and experienced engineers, technicians, technologists, project managers, supply chain and finance professionals, and specialized senior management consultants available for projects in Western Canada and the United States.
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The strength of any company comes from the quality of its team.  Our team consists of highly experienced individuals who have demonstrated leadership and exceptional performance in Canada and the United States in the industries that we operate in. Moreover, Brightline professionals work with well-established and proven Canadian and US processes that are effective in providing results to our clients.  

Our practice focuses on bringing significant and sustainable value to our clients.

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Brightline Engineering (based in Calgary) and Brightline Projects (based out of Houston, Texas) are multidisciplinary services companies operating in Western Canada and the United States, with Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management expertise with an emphasis in the Power, Oil & Gas, Commercial and Industrial construction industries.


Brightline Engineering Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

Brightline Technical Services Inc.

2200 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1000, 

Houston, Texas  77056

Phone: (403) 474-8240

Fax: (403) 290-2224


Brightline Engineering

Calgary, Alberta

Brightline Technical Services Inc

2200 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1000

Houston, Texas 77056

Email : info@brightlineeng.com 

Phone: (403) 474-8240

Fax: (403) 290-2224