Brightline Engineering (Canada) and Brightline Technical Services (USA) are multidisciplinary services companies with expertise in the following fields, with emphasis on Power, Oil & Gas, Commercial and Industrial construction industries:


  • Engineering  and Engineering Drafting (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Petroleum, Project & Process) (Providing design, development, analysis, constructing and testing engineering services in a multidisciplinary environment.) 
  • Project Management and Project Controls (We provide planning and execution oversight of custom system installations or existing system retrofits.  Identifying project requirements from the beginning and establishing and overseeing schedules to deliver projects on time and on budget.)
  • Construction Management (Planning, design, and construction oversight for projects of various sizes.)
  • Field Quality Assurance (Onsite commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of systems, assemblies, structures, and machinery of all categories and brands.)
  • Material Quality (In conjunction with our procurement management, we represent clients in testing material quality and making recommendations based on our findings and our client's needs.)
  • Procurement, Contracts and Supply Chain (We have deep procurement and contracts expertise that have a proven track record saving clients significant dollars for equipment and material costs, as well as valuable project schedule time. We have an international network and the experience purchasing and managing equipment logistics internationally.)

At Brightline, we take pride in the projects we support, regardless of the project's size or dollar value.  We can assist clients in preparing a functional, practical, and cost-effective design that meets their project needs.  We assist clients at every stage of the project, assisting them from the beginning to identify ways to save them time and money whether it be at the project planning stage, execution or maintenance stage well after the project has been completed.