Brightline Engineering (based out of Calgary, Alberta) and its US subsidiary Brightline Technical Services (based out of Houston, Texas) are multidisciplinary services companies with expertise in the following fields, with an emphasis on Power, Oil & Gas, Commercial and Industrial construction industries:


  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Petroleum, Project & Process)
  • Project Management and Project Controls
  • Construction Management
  • Field Quality Assurance
  • Material Quality
  • Procurement, Contracts and Supply Chain

The strength of any company comes from the quality of its team.  Our team consists of highly experienced individuals who have demonstrated leadership and exceptional performance in Canada, the United States and abroad in the industries that we operate in.  Moreover, Brightline professionals work with well-established and proven Canadian, US and international processes that are effective in providing results to our clients.  Our practice focuses on bringing significant and sustainable value to our clients.


Brightline’s approach is to optimize stakeholder’s knowledge by:

  • Conducting detailed discovery of the issues at hand on a project;
  • Validating the information gathered during the discovery process;
  • Analyzing the information to define technically and financially sound solutions and alternative options;
  • Reporting effectively on all issues and providing recommendations to the client; and
  • Presenting all findings and recommendations in a manner that enables the key decision makers to reflect on the issues and provide guidance to their team for the next step of the projects.

 At each step, we work hand in hand with our clients for them to achieve the required results for a successful project.

Brightline’s senior leadership consists of highly experienced individuals who have demonstrated leadership at senior levels in support of Power, Oil & Gas, EPC, EPCM, and construction projects in Canada, the United States and internationally valued in the billions of dollars.  Their experiences include:


  • Overseeing the engineering, procurement and construction of the entire transmission infrastructure build in Alberta to provide complete end-to-end project solutions to a major utility;
  • Delivering successful capital projects for a major utility in Canada;
  • Leading multiple project teams for major transmission line and substation projects;
  • Creating a construction group in a complex utility environment to succeed at delivering projects and maintenance in-house. A complex endeavour involving rewriting well-established processes and integrating a new division in a complex system;
  • Developing the relationships between the regulated utilities and the government, Alberta Utilities Commission and the system operator to assist in producing viable policy for electricity sectors;
  • Providing supply chain and logistics management services in the public and private sectors;
  • Providing legal counsel services to clients in Utilities and Oil & Gas industries;


Brightline senior management’s knowledge and experience has been passed to Brightline’s staff as training, guidance and support to deliver successful products and services for our clients.